Learning Technology Services

Appropriate Agile for Everyone

Learning Technology Services has been supporting major companies and large organisations in the development and delivery of innovative solutions and changes in work practice since 2004.

We are a highly Agile and flexible company, a small team of permanent expert staff works with an extensive network of other specialists to deliver the correct skill base for each project in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

Our key offering includes...

  • Agile Services
  • User Analysis and Requirements Capture
  • Business Analysis and Processes
  • Development
  • Technical and Content Authoring
  • Training and Staff Development
  • Intellectual Property
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User Analysis and Requirements Capture

We are strongly user orientated - recognising that users are an important source of information for designing successful systems and ensuring their effective adoption. This does not mean that users are always right. We run user workshops, focus groups, questionnaire and structured interview studies and rapid prototyping/experimentation to capture user needs and requirements. These results are delivered in the appropriate format for the organisation.

Business Analysis and Processes

We analyse business 'as is' and 'as it should/could be', review IT, develop 'what if' and costing cases and provide opportunity analysis for how changes in technology can affect your business processes. We can work with you to develop proposals and plans for change and improvement.

One aspect of our expertise is that we do this in the least disruptive way. We analyse documents and communications, participate in day-to-day processes and observe. We then use more interventionist approaches only as necessary. This means we cause the minimum possible disruption to day-to-day business


Our expertise extends from legacy systems to leading edge technologies. We can provide development resource in almost all development environments, languages and platforms. Where we do not work - mostly Microsoft Technologies, SAP, and a few other specialist systems - we will tell you so and help you choose an alternative supplier.

Our preference is to work with Open Source and Standards-based systems - these are more economical, do not tie you to a single supplier and make it easier to find resources to maintain and update your software. We like front-ends using web standards - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, plus light frameworks such as JQuery. We recommend 'node.js' where appropriate. We work predominantly with Java back-end development, but C, C++ and many others are available.

We have special expertise in designing and ensuring security, and have delivered secure systems in sectors such as banking, personal data etc.

Technical and Content Authoring

LTS staff have delivered high-quality content on many platforms, including dead-tree books, e-books, websites, Computer-based Learning systems and more. We have excellent skills in choosing and using appropriate language for different user groups and 'transforming' content for different audiences.

Since we are already a very knowledgeable technical team we also provide very sophisticated authoring skills, such as developing help and support systems, producing developer documentation and analysing and commenting source code. We can even take undocumented legacy systems, or systems left to an organisation by a past contractor and restrospectively construct documentation and training.

Training and Staff Development

With over 30 years experience in universities and Commercial Training, we can offer a wide range of courses. We do not offer a 'standard' menu, because we focus on bespoke courses for specific organisations. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Intellectual Property

We own multiple patents. We have worked through the process of developing and protecting Intellectua Property on many products in the last 10 years. We can advise on what can be protected and how. We can develop submissions to copyrighting, trademarking and patenting bodies. We can interact with Patent Lawyers on your behalf. With our related company (Bigger Than The Wheel), we can assist with investment in protecting IPR on viable products.