Learning Technology Services

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Authoring Services

We provide Technical Authoring and Content Authoring across a wide range of areas and delivery systems. We also provide programmatic support - developing code for standard 'office' solutions, document management and Content Management systems.

Technical Authoring

In this area we include producing all aspects of Technical Documentation around a software product or service. This is likely to include: capturing information about an application, product, process or service; identifying documentation requirements and users of the documentation; creating documentation standards for structure, maintenance and content (e.g. style guides and dictionaries); creating the documentation; training other staff to work within the framework.

Types of documentation include: embedded comments in code, technical manuals and reference guides, tutorials and training materials (including trainer guides); online and embedded Help; FAQs.

We can work with extreme cases (e.g. being given a stack of source code and working out what it does before documenting it, or taking legacy systems which have no remaining documentation and developing the documentation for using or adapting it). It is preferable to have access to software designers and developers though.

Content Authoring

We have many years experience in creating and maintaining all sorts of content across a wide range of subject matter and disciplines. This includes writing paper books, e-books, web content, scripts and presentations. We can also deliver graphics, photography, audio and video content when appropriate.

Creating and maintaining the framework around Content Authoring is also part of ou service. This includes: working with restricted language sets; creating styleguides, glossaries and dictionaries; designing styles; creating macros and code to automate integration between standard 'office' tools and delivery platforms; re-purposing content and maintaining consistency across multiple platforms.