Learning Technology Services

Appropriate Agile for Everyone

Development Services

We have our own team of developers who are appropriate for a range of solutions which are described below. In addition, we have a set of trusted developers, with whom we have worked for several years, who can deliver effective sulutions within our structure. We are also happy to work with in-house developers or manage third party developers to implement effective, efficient, maintainable solutions.

Our primary focus is open-source, leading edge and standards-based solutions. We can offer a broader technology base as required.

Web Applications

Web Applications deliver effective services to their users in a browser-based environment - though the browser may be on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, games machine, television or other internet-connected device. They have many advantages in a connected world, but to be successful must be standards-compliant and deliverable across all platforms.

They must deliver their content through HTML and CSS standards, and most of the time also use JavaScript in the browser. A modern web application generates this content on the server and delivers it in a concise manner which minimises data transfer. On the server we may use JavaScript with the Node engine, JAVA, SCALA any other languages which are appropriate. We use a broad range of databases and other tools to provide content. Ensuring security of data through good design and use of standards is also essential.

Mobile web and Mobile Applications

Mobile web applications are similar to web applications - and these days we would normally design Web applications to also be compatible with mobile web. We have been doing this since 2005

A mobile application (not web) is distinct because at least some of the functionality is written as code which runs on the mobile device. This is appropriate if the system must work when there is no mobile signal or if the interface requires features which are not available within a web browser. Most of these applications are designed to work with Android, Apple (IoS) or Microsoft Windows Mobile. We have developed solutions on these platforms since 2005 and can provide resource as appropriate